Pros about interracial dating

06-Oct-2017 08:28

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There are external factors that create disagreements and dissonance in the relationships.Difference in cultures endures diverse ethnical, moral and value foundations that effect the perceptions of family, society and individual lifestyles.Generations and age seem to affect the openness towards the interracial relations.Some studies have shown that generational factors and influences are strong.When we are young we seem to be more open in our choices.People are more favorable to mixtures between the races.However, say, parents who are older often express disapproval of their own children daring or marrying representatives of other races.

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Hispanics, Asians, Caucasians and others are equal citizens.Miller’s father blatantly did not approve of his daughter dating a white male.The fact was that her father most likely had a fear of whites from the racism he experienced as a young Chinese man growing up in America.One of the major pros is that the person has an opportunity to choose to be with any other person whom he or she loves.

This is one and only consideration that I think people should use when thinking of interracial relationships.He was afraid that his daughter would experience the same racism and discrimination he had gone through, and thus did not want his daughter to have relations with a Caucasian.