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Did your Dad talk much about his experiences with Elvis, and if so, what did he say?Ginger : My dad used to repeat some of his stories about meeting Elvis when he was inducted into the army and being invited along with Elvis and others to the movies in the early 60's.I was quite shy and spending so much time with Elvis and focusing on him, that I didn't get to really know others well, nor they me, during our time together.Who was your favourite and least favourite of the Memphis Mafia, and why?He was human, some shows were not up to par as others but he usually put 100 percent into his performances as he always wanted to please his fans.I did not get to see all of his jumpsuits in person but to name a couple off the top of my head, I thought the peacock and Indian feather suits were beautiful.I did and do appreciate all types of music from classical to Led Zeppelin. Did the age difference bother you, did you ever talk about it with him?

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He was such a big part of Memphis and his music often played on various radio stations.No publisher would touch this book which told horrible lies regarding me and my family and all in an attempt to make money. Did he actually believe the lies Grob told or is it because Elvis was seeing me, Linda is his sister and it was an obvious attempt to make me and my family look bad to the public and his sister look good?

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