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03-Jun-2017 14:52

I believe that in incubus and succubus dream encounters, demons are actually molesting people sexually while they sleep.

First, you pray for a covering of Christ’s blood over you, and the room.

If I’m reading or viewing pornography or otherwise fantasizing about illicit sex, then the dream is coming from an evil or perverted heart and is showing sin in my heart which I need to repent of.

I think we all agree that dreams can reflect the evil in one’s heart and call us to repentance. For example, if you have a dream where you need to go to the bathroom, you may wake up and say, “Oh, my goodness!

Very exciting that you're dreaming Scripture and listening to Heaven through your night visions. I read what you said and that you thought me forcing myself awake was deeper than my fear of the dream being demonic in nature. I was going to get a bath and then meet up with my husband, but everything kept stopping me from my bath. The water didn't go in the tub, like the shower head was spraying outside the tub. I got in the tub and noticed I still had on another shirt. Well, looks like there is a clean up job to be done.

You bind all attack of the enemy and command him to leave. I simply say the name “Jesus” over and over, and breathe slowly as I am falling asleep.

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