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Methods to identify the parameters of the model from oedometer tests are described.It is shown that while the variation in soil modulus can be characterized by a linear form in the virgin compression region, it is nonlinear in the recompression region and is best characterized by a hyperbolic function.These tests can be costly due to expensive equipment and the long period of time they require.Each sample must be undisturbed and can only undergo one test with satisfactory results.This quantity is important in geotechnical engineering, particularly for finding the expected settlement of foundations and embankments.Alternative names for the preconsolidation pressure are preconsolidation stress, pre-compression stress, pre-compaction stress, and preload stress.


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A nonlinear rheological model is used to numerically simulate the consolidation process of clay in laboratory tests and to identify the basic mechanical parameters that contribute to the development of the quasi-preconsolidation phenomenon.

One of the primary uses is to predict settlement of a structure after loading.