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27-Feb-2017 18:08

Federal investigators say a Springfield man led an online chat group where users exchanged child porn. The release says that for the last seven months, Cotter was the administrator for a "very active" 50-member online chat group that shared images and videos of child porn.Anthony Cotter, 30, was charged Thursday with receiving and distributing child porn over the internet, according to a news release from the U. Cotter also allegedly told investigators he had been abusing a girl and taking nude photos of her.Even if I was hell-bent on repressing teenage curiosity and installed a powerful net filter at home, my kids’ friends can hand them a fingernail-sized memory card, filled with more smut than 10 Soho sex shops, which they can plug into their phones.After all, most people, whatever their age, access porn through mobile phones and tablets, so it’s of small consequence if the family laptop doesn’t allow porn.The release says Cotter was arrested Thursday after authorities executed a search warrant at his home.A detention hearing in the case has been scheduled for next week.

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We can’t all be up for it in perfect synchronicity, regardless of how spiritually attuned we are after decades of marriage.All but the most witless husbands can smoothly continue with their nefarious habits without troubling the wife. A study last year found that a third of visitors to adult entertainment websites were female.