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Sentences with the word date What is the meaning of the word date? Words that rhyme with date What is the singular of dates?

Sentences with the word dates What is the meaning of the word dates? Words that rhyme with dates What is another word for dated? Sentences with the word dated What is the meaning of the word dated? Words that rhyme with dated What is another word for dates? Sentences with the word dates What is the meaning of the word dates? Words that rhyme with dates What is another word for dating? Sentences with the word dating What is the meaning of the word dating? Words that rhyme with dating What is the plural of of datatype?

Stated more broadly, it's rather unusual for a plural to be formed by subtracting something from a singular, though there are occasional examples.

So not only are the Greek and Latin inflectional systems highly unlike the English system for pluralization, but some of these forms are actually typologically unusual inasmuch as the singular forms appear to be derived from plurals.

This zero plural has a long history and was not formerly as socially stigmatized as it is today.

It appears in literary works dating from the Middle English period to the present day, including works of dialect writers, such as this example from Mark Twain's Huck Finn: "The nearest white settlement warnt nearer nor four mile." · In adjectival constructions even Standard English has no -s plural: a five-pound box of candy is acceptable, whereas a five-pounds box is not.

Jonathon Owen is a copy editor and book designer with a master's degree in linguistics from Brigham Young University.

His thesis explores the role of copyediting in regulating English usage, and he holds the paradoxical view that it's possible to be a prescriptivist and descriptivist simultaneously.

This ending has long since fallen away, leaving behind the unmarked root forms.

In a nutshell, I believe this is why English speakers struggle so much with Latin and Greek plurals.

We aren't used to a system that requires not just an ending to mark plurals but a different and unrelated ending to mark singulars.

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Pluralizing Latin and Greek words requires us to first remove one ending and then attach another, a process which we're simply not accustomed to.