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10-Apr-2017 11:36

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Maybe I suck, but I really do not want to play the level again just for the 4 stars, so it.

Tip for United the Kingdom (CK II)--Not knowing my European History (US Edumacation and all that), found out that if you start as England in October 1283, you'll have all of Wales and enough of Ireland to create both those Kingdoms once you get the money and piety.

I'm posting a message at the game's forum right now.After one week I got a generic email asking for info I already gave them, then the next week they fix it.So I got 4.45 pounds of achievements from the last two days but they only converted dollar to dollar.Thanks to xegaldis for taking the time to do the first tropy leaderboard thread. At the moment I'm only going to show peoples cards up to 10 spots but I may add more to the as time goes buy and if there's enough interest for me to add more cards [size=1]01.

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I won't make a specific alloted amound of days, I will maybe update it every 3 days or so.

D: AAAAAAAAAGH MY CREDIT Edit: Looks like the 10 race achievement being bugged is known since February! like half of the Flashout 2 achievements are bugged.