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When Orchard Towers was built in 1975, it was meant as a retail and office hub.

In its primordial years, early versions of Ipanema and Naughty Girl that rented spaces alongside tailors and electronics stores started carrying out seedy business, which opened the flood gates.

Sporting 1970s architectural trends, the 40-year-old institution stands on prime land space, smearing the shopping belt of Orchard Road with its sepia tinge and dingy appearance.

As daylight dies, unabashed and easily identifiable streetwalkers, female and otherwise, congregate before its shady façade, chatting up male tourists who get into the occasional fist fight at the foot of its steps.

Before the government could act, a litany of neon-lit nightclubs had taken up residence in the degenerating towers.

By the 1980s, Orchard Towers’ entertainment establishments had multiplied, each purveying perfectly legal avenues of release that could not be prosecuted, or so they seemed on the surface.

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But Gloria is not alone - each year the Australian Federal Police (AFP) conducts dozens of investigations into allegations of human trafficking, slavery and labour exploitation.

A fortune-teller had advised her to keep her huge litter of dogs, as he claimed that they were the source of her luck, against the regulation of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore. Over its four decades of existence, and over two decades of soliciting, the grand old dame persists as a very lucrative business – despite its carnal image and depraved symbolism – which has declined innumerable buy-over offers.

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