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22-Aug-2016 13:37

If you would like to edit the meta-data associated* with a PDF document, check out Becy PDFMeta Edit.

This is a free utility that can help you edit properties of a PDF document including the title, author name, creation data, keywords, etc.

While PDF Files are “read only” by default, there are workarounds that will let you modify any PDF document for free without requiring the source files or any of the commercial PDF editing tools like Adobe Acrobat.

We are primarily focusing on tools that let you alter the actual contents of a PDF files.

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The page content layer is down below these special layers.

PDF contents are arranged in layers, analogous to other Adobe applications.

When you create comments, for example, they reside on the topmost layer, which is reserved for markup.

The content of a PDF file cannot be modified easily and you can prevent other users from printing or copying text from PDF documents.

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Also, you can open a PDF file on any computer or mobile device natively.You can update your publications as often as you need.