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20-Feb-2017 15:25

like they did us, it's just like, it throws you completely off balance and then like if you were feeling secure then you are completely insecure because you don't know where you are at or who you are with."In the African-American community, this foster crisis is disproportionately magnified. Caring for the orphan should be a natural and necessary extension of the pro-life movement.

According to the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, African-American children make up 28 percent of the foster care population, although they only represent 14 percent of the general U. Adoption is a healthy, safe alternative to abortion for women experiencing the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy.

In a nation that compassionately cares for "the least of these," the shockingly high number of children languishing in foster care, waiting for a home they can truly call their own, should cause each of us to take action. There are approximately 400,000 children living today in the American foster care system, of which about 100,000 are in need of an adoptive family. While more than half of these children will return to their parents, the remainder will stay in the system.

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We all desire that every child in America grow up in a stable, loving, safe home.This is an unnecessary hassle for families who are already navigating a tedious adoption process. Bob Mc Donnell is modeling what states can do to reduce the number of foster care orphans.