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16-May-2017 10:21

I lost it…took my life in my own hands and kept that appointment. Since then all the pains – guts, joints plus fatigue etc.

Constant pain, vomiting, weight loss, GI bleeding, the list goes on and on.We spent K out- of -pocket on tests, physical therapy, alternative doctors–anything to to help me get well. I lost major muscle mass and tone, my ability to comprehend, articulate and recall information. They gave him some breathing stuff to calm his lungs down and then the nurse brought in this wonky looking pain medicine.I had difficulty remembering how to cook, balance a checkbook and drive my car, and I suffered insomnia, sores, burning skin, and severe burning neuropathy, numbness, parasthesia and weakness. I asked if it was gluten free (because my son has been glutened before by generic drugs) and she said “oh, I don’t know, I don’t know how you would find that out”. So I refused the drug – the last thing my son needed was severe stomach pain on top of the breathing issues.And I always felt like I had to convince doctors that my issues were real. In that time I saw 60-70 different doctors, got tested for a ton of stuff (can we say the majority of these were intrusive and uncomfortable, if not downright painful) and had more drugs thrown at me than you can shake a stick at.

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I did get a diagnosis after biopsies were done and got cut loose.

Drugs made my already ripped up gut worse and so I did not take them.

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