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Geology This area represents a geologic zone referred to as the Coastal Plain.Let's go back a bit in history to find out how Silver lake came to be.The main building houses a multipurpose auditorium, exhibit room depicting that which is unique to the park, offices, the Barnswallow Gift Shop, and a reference library.Immediately outside the building is a large meadow.

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Once over this obstacle, the water flow decreased and spread over a large area.

The event will honor The Philadelphia Inquirer's Business Hall of Fame Winners.

This elite group of honorees were hand-picked by the executives of The Philadelphia Inquirer for their distinguished records of civic engagement and professional achievement within their industries.

Many of the rocks transported along the way found a new home.

If you pick up rocks in Silver Lake Park, you will notice that they are rounded, having been taken from their unknown origin and laid to rest in Lower Buck County. Due to the fact that these rocks had very diverse origins, many types of minerals are now found in our soil.Emerging Icons will also receive public recognition as the next generation of business leaders.