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Fitch formally requested the hand of Maria Antonia in 1827.On April 15, 1829, the ceremony was in progress, but was stopped by order of Governor Jose Maria Echeandia.This IP Address has exceeded the maximum number of captcha solutions.Please consider signing up for a Pro Search or Pro API plan to continue using our website, or if you would like to purchase data directly please contact us via our contact page.At the time the youth of California were pressured to marry early.Instead of marrying another Californian, Carrillo fell in love with American merchant seaman, Henry Delano Fitch.The chief was also the only one of the community with the option of multiple marriage.

Later court decisions and some statutes dating from both statehood and the 1872 codification of the civil law state; "Any unmarried male of the age of 18 years or upward and any unmarried female of the age of 15 years old or upward are capable of consenting to and consummating marriage." The code makes no mention of what gender may marry which.The recorded history of marriage in California is long and encompasses a period as far back as the first Spanish missions and even further back in unrecorded history of native American Indians and their marriage rituals.California was incorporated into the United States of America in 1850.Spanish Soldiers and settlers of a patriarchal colonial society put native woman in a vulnerable state.

Influential and socially well connected, the family was related to several other prominent Californians of the day.

To end the scandal, the couple was ordered to pay penance in the order of attending special mass and reciting prayer.

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