Nlp and online dating

26-Oct-2017 15:15

Furthermore, NLP can be used to detect which potential dates match the personality of their human and recommend which ones are worth a meet-up.

It is arguable that we are approaching a time where chatbots online will be the ones negotiating dates on our behalf.Chatbots with robust natural language processing (NLP) are able to analyze sentence structure, idioms and patterns to recognize the intent from a question or response in order to provide their own answer from its knowledge base.This means that conversations will sound more natural.Chatbots are becoming sophisticated enough to retain information and to recognize context during conversations.

Through a combination of AI and machine learning, bots are able to remember what someone has told them and use that to maintain a conversation in chat.

Long gone are the days when an intrepid gentleman would knock on the door of a potential suitor, presenting them with a bouquet of flowers to request the pleasure of their company on a date.

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