Ninja ai dating sim

08-May-2017 21:55

Xenoverse 2 takes things a step further with one particularly sweet new feature: players can team up online in a six-versus-one fight against a massive AI boss.

Working together, players must communicate to conquer baddies like Vegeta in his giant ape form, repelling energy blasts and assisting one another if someone is KOed.

I Use NMM for other mods, and just copy and paste this file and it works so theres no real need to use NMM with this mod.

Due to the nature of the ai packages, I suggest you wait 24 hours in game for them all to load, otherwise you may (or may not) be flooded with 5-6 NPCs, once the 24hours has passed they will be less common, but the first 24hours may get crowded while they all load their packages I recommend completing the helgen start before activating this mod as it will interfer with the start of the game when starting a new game.

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If you do any videos or reviews on this mod, I ask you just let me know in a PM first1. Currently only includes 'adventuerers' and 'travellers' of every race and a few player submitted characters.

What's not to love about a Dragon Ball fighting game?