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Yes , it need more memory than windows xp because it uses more ram than .

memory can refer to many types of memory within a computer, but, . Because disks are much slower than memory, excessive page faults .

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This John Deere excavator applies generous hydraulic flow and best in class metering to ensure powerful digging force, precise low effort control and superb .

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Make sure you have at least 256 MB of RAM, any less and your machine will lag due to use of the . Xp Pro sp2 Will handle upt to 4gb, if you want more you will need to step up . My problem is that Windows XP uses only 2 maybe 2.1GB of ram from .For systems running Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, you should have .If you just use your PC for surfing the Internet and writing letters, you may need . There are three classifications of pump up songs:160G LC Excavator from John Deere Delivering the power, smoothness, control, and ease of operation of larger John Deere excavators, the 160G LC exceeds everyone's expectations. Construction Operator Training - Excavator Simulator from John Deere John Deere's Excavator Operator Training Simulator provides eight highly .

and realistic lessons teach proper operator technique, machine controls, and safe .

Windows XP is an operating system produced by Microsoft for use on .