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29-Jun-2017 09:34

Startup Launch As Celebrity Bonanza: Airtime’s Ritzy, Glitzy, Glitchy Debut Face To Face: How Airtime Will Re-Humanize The Internet Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning Hint At The Future Of Airtime [TCTV] And the official promo video…

Social networking apps are a great way to make new friends, or keep in touch with existing ones.

And since it’s built on your Facebook identity, if you show your naughty bits and get flagged by your partner or discovered by the site’s human moderators, you’ll get banned.

As Parker said in his presentation at the launch this morning in New York City, one of Airtime’s core principles is “no penises” before switching it to “safety”.

That means they’ll get matched with more desired partners, like celebrities or other people proven to be fun to chat with.

For now Airtime is just one-on-one chat, but group chat and the option to carry on multiple tabbed conversations at once are on the way.

Airtime will have to battle it out with Face Time which is already on mobile, and Google Hangouts which already supports group chat.

Show off the funniest videos you know, share home movies you’ve uploaded, or get smarter watching something educational together.