Mysql slave invalidating query cache entries table

06-May-2017 10:43

Data tracking within auto cache invalidation keeps the user profile query cache up to date and significantly offloads the database from processing repetitive queries.e Commerce sites where users can buy and sell items in an auction require the auction price and associated data such as current bidders to be fetched and updated frequently.Users seldom modify their profiles, but when they do – such as update a password – the app must immediately reflect the changed data.The user profile database lends itself very well to auto cache invalidation since each user has a unique id within the database.

The ideal scenario for the query cache tends to be largely read-only, where there are a number of very expensive queries which examine millions of rows only to return a few.Users can then add invalidation patterns to an invalidation group that manipulates the same table and column.Scale Arc then has a cache invalidation group consisting of read queries or stored procedures as well invalidation queries or stored procedures all using a common column.Up to 40% of web users abandon an e Commerce site if page load times exceed 3 seconds.

Shopping cart data, despite being unique for each user, can now be cached with auto cache invalidation since Scale Arc ensures data consistency and reflects the new items in Scale Arc’s cache as soon as the cart is modified.As astute followers will notice, the query cache is now off by default in 5.6, but realistically it's always been disabled because the previous configuration was with zero memory allocated to it.