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24-Jan-2017 01:24

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Let me repeat that these recommendations are NOT FOR ME!

I'm trying to get game suggestions to share with others, including games I may have to go out and look for.

The downside is that you don't get to spend as much time with double celebrity s**t.

"Then there's the thing that be switching up - you take my girlfriend now, I'll take your boyfriend...

I would not drag out the games on the first date but at some point during the early dating process you are going to want to know what she thinks of gaming and if she is interested in trying it. If she is a gamer, play some thing she likes (or you think she will like).

If she is not a gamer (but seems like she may enjoying playing a game), try a game you think she will like.

Not that I'm dating at the moment (bachelorhood's good at this time). But are there any quick-playing boardgames, as well? I'm quite aware of the "other" games that can be played during a date. Maybe a little long, you could play to less points to shorten it.

, it is most likely going to come up at some point.

If you don't think she will like playing games, look for a new girlfriend.

In all honesty, if she does not like playing games, this may be your chance to get away and play with just the guys. I play with co-ed game groups in addition to all dude (though not really by design) game groups.

“If you found any of that in my phone, because you voiced that you don’t want to find even a guy’s name that you might know in my phone, then what you’re doing is cheating times 10.” But don’t get the “It’s All About Me” singer wrong, she thinks it’s just fine to look at and admire a female as she finds them beautiful beings.

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But she asks men not to create the double standard and to understand it’s a two-way street. Even with her relationship advice, Mya finds it hard to date in the entertainment world for one reason alone: trust.

“When I’m in the studio for 72 hours, in my pajamas, and I haven’t taken a shower and I’m engineering and nobody’s there, you shouldn’t be accusing me of things that are not happening,” she admits. She’s currently working on three projects in the studio including her next full length album.