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14-Oct-2016 18:56

BUT, it makes me sneeze :( SO weird as Black Orchid doesn't?!?!?! Does anyone want to swap a Black Orchid for my Velvet Orchid? I bought it at Nordstrom's but don't have any of the packaging.

Message me if interested :) I do not ever understand nor could even fathom how some of these reviewers have had the unfortunate circumstance of spraying this masterpiece and smelling like garbage. I am a 25 y/o man whose first TF purchase was this version of black orchid (not the weak edt) and it was love and first sniff!

Faint hints of spice, but that sweetness from the chocolate and vanilla really are the players in this scent.

Those mixed with the florals can make this feminine, but the EDP to me and as to other men, is quite pleasing and wear-worthy.

You'll be amazed and how universal fragrance can be.I will agree with those that say this fragrance can only be worn with few sprays max.You can't douse yourself in this by any means, but in this case, a little goes a very long way. Little bit of florals, some sweetness, some earthy tones from the truffle.This perfume is also the one that garners me the most compliments. I personally like this but its nothing either terribly great or offensive to my nose.

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It is clearly a statement-making attention attraction! Its a sweet- earthy chocolate truffle scent with a bit of " old"...dust, musk, old paper. There are more unique scents and plenty more generic ones.

Online shops offers:4 items for 50.00 - 99.15 GBPFragrance 4 items for 52.64 - 93.59 USDNotino DE-AT 3 items for 63.77 - 102.45 EURFragrance EUR 3 items for 70.23 - 111.18 EURFragrance 3 items for 81.86 - 129.59 USDStrawberry EUR 2 items for 105.00 - 145.50 EURBRASTY. Black Orchid was created by perfume creators of fragrance company Givaudan in 2006. The top notes are French jasmine, black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant and effervescent citrus.

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