Mobile dating bootcamp

15-Jul-2016 11:23

Without any question, Info Sec has the most gifted individual instructors.

Our instructor for this class was both an excellent educator and a premier/world class security expert.

It’s actually kind of funny that Moment is releasing its new application just as users everywhere have been gripped by one of the most addictive and viral i Phone applications to date – Pokémon Go.

It may not be the best time, then, to try to convince people to dial down their smartphone obsessions.

Extracting cloud data and examining feature phones is also covered.

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Participants will learn about the challenges of mobile forensics, walk through the process of analysis and examination of mobile devices, and gain deep understanding of differences in evidence locations and examination techniques in Android, i OS, and Windows phones.

On the final day, you’re challenged to only use your phone for 2 minutes or less. During beta testing, the average user dropped 1 hour 31 minutes overall from their phone during the two weeks of Bootcamp, compared with their average daily usage prior to starting the course.