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Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 680 or above with at least 3GB of GDDR 5 graphics RAM each with Quadruple SLI in order to handle our game graphics. Gameplay difficulties: Normal - No buff or any penalty. Fluttershy (Healer) – She is responsible for healing in battles. The puzzle about what happened to the dragons was incomplete; Twilight had no idea what is the enemy nor what they are trying to accomplish, it seems the ponies are fighting an unknown enemy. Also, “variable” can be summarized to information if you are confused with that term.Sound card: Creative Sound Blaster Z 5.1 sound card would allow you to hear the epic sound FX the game provides. Internet connection: Try T1 dedicated lines or Google Fiber. People calls the enemy the “Destroyers”, but that is just a undefined term for the unknown because there aren’t many book or anyone who made it out alive from the destruction of the unknown to tell us what they are. (This philosophy was used unintentionally by many games, but the true force of this philosophy will be shown in MLP RPG) Game controls: Arrow keys = movement space/enter bar = confirm shift = fast walk (Dash) F1 = Game settings (Mute sound, fullscreen, etc.) F2= Show FPS Esc key = menu W = pet menu.

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The truth right now is I am lacking both game developers and fans.There’s a major trend of pony music videos, so songs like Bohemian Rhapsody are sung by ponies on You Tube.There are also songs from Weird Al and the opening song of the cartoon show Freakazoid with parody lyrics so now it’s about ponies.Section two will be released once I feel like the game is commercial grade.

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System requirements: We only tested and it works on windows 8, 7 and on iphone using remote desktop. The storyline is based around a new research topic: Parallel philosophy.

Do you guys want a game that spends years to develop then end up getting ass fucked by full founded commercial grade games both gameplay and also graphical?