Miranda updating of group on server list failed

12-Jan-2017 13:02

If you try to create a memory-optimized table on a SQL Database based on a tier other than Premium, this is what you’ll get: It is also possible to get this error message if your database was created before the introduction of the In-memory OLTP preview on Azure.

A more elegant way to find you if you database supports this feature is by running the following: If the result of the query is “0” (zero), this mean that In-Memory OLTP is not supported, otherwise you can start creating your memory-optimized tables and natively compiled objects.

New Canvas User Interface (UI): July 9On July 9, 2016, the New Canvas Interface will no longer be a Feature Option in Canvas and will be enabled for all Canvas users as a standard feature.

Enabling the New UI affects the user interface for the entire Canvas account.

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Unlike a regular SQL Server instance, databases belonging to the same SQL Server logical instance are not able to access each other. Before you can create a SQL Database, you will first need a SQL Server logical instance.

You've heard of Azure SQL Database, you've nodded wisely in discussions and you might even have tried it out on some sample data.