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While we all wait for the publication of this work I am posting the article that Mike sent me many years ago now and dedicate it respectfully to my good friend Mike’s memory. This guide first appeared in on August 26, 2006 by: Mike Leverette.

Introduction The history of Ireland is an old and honourable one; steeped in warfare, family, racial and religious traditions. However, the first couple of millennia of Irish history have no relevance to this dating guide.

So the Free State Era will be from 1922 through 1937. So the English Era, for a simplified date, will be from 1895 through 1959.

Peterson followed with a COM stamp of “Irish Free State” in either one or two lines, either parallel or perpendicular to the shanks axis and extremely close to the stem. The Made in Eire Era will be from 1938 through roughly 1940? The stamps Peterson used in London and that we have seen are: Though there are a couple of more, the above will give one the general idea.

So for the purpose of this dating guide, we will study Irish history, relevant to our pipe dating needs, from 1870s until now.

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The “Made in Ireland” block format (above) can be another headache in dating Peterson pipes since this stamp was used in the late Patent Era as well as the late 1940s.

Mike and some of his colleagues created the well-known ‘Peterson Pipe Project’ web site.

Mike died in 2009, following a long battle with cancer.

Later in 1875, Charles Peterson approached the Kapp brothers, Fredrich and Heinrich, with a new pipe design and with this, a very long-lived partnership was formed, Kapp & Peterson.

This new pipe design is the now famous Peterson Patented System Smoking Pipe.However, later in this period, say around 1915/16, Peterson began stamping their pipes “Made in Ireland” in a block format. Peterson now stamped their pipes with “Made in Eire” in a circle format with “Made” and “Eire” in a circle with the “in” located in the center of the circle. • English made Peterson pipes actually spans between the pre-Republic and Republic eras.

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