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Foreign workers employed by outsourcing or contract labor companies, which may or may not have oversight of personnel issues or day-to-day working conditions, have heightened vulnerabilities to exploitative labor conditions and a reduced ability to resolve disputes.Agents in labor source countries may impose onerous fees on workers before they arrive in Malaysia, in some cases causing debt bondage.Discoveries of migrant camps and mass graves along the border with Thailand in 2015 generated reports some officials were complicit in facilitating migrant smuggling, which may have included trafficking crimes.In previous years, some forced labor victims—such as Cambodian and Burmese men on Thai fishing boats in Malaysian waters—escaped their traffickers in Malaysian territory.In an effort to allow victims to move freely and work outside government facilities, the government collaborated with an international hotel chain to identify employment opportunities, advertised the positions to more than 100 trafficking victims, issued work permits to four trafficking victims, and arranged medical screenings as part of the work permit approval process for an additional five victims during the year.However, two of the first four workers subsequently left their jobs, and many victims declined to participate in the program, citing a desire to return home instead.

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The regulations were completed in March 2016 but awaited formal adoption at the close of the reporting period.

A large population of Filipino Muslims resides illegally in Sabah, some of whom are vulnerable to trafficking.

Investigators have not identified the type of weapon used by the shooter or the motive for the attack.… continue reading »

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(Lumen Gentium) CCC 970 People are made to bond with each other at various appropriate levels. People cry when their parents die, their best friend moves away, or their co-worker is transferred. Marriage is meant to be the highest level of union between people, uniting husband and wife into “one flesh”. It’s two unique individuals who form an intimate, deeply personal communion that mirrors the loving union of the Persons in the Trinity: they remain separate, but in a sense they also ‘disappear’ into each other at the same time. They merge, meld, and give themselves totally to one another. From that union should come great security, love, peace, and joy. When it’s lost, panic arises, and a person may often fight or flounder to grab hold of a quick substitute. CCC 1607 You may look at others who seem to heal more quickly, or even your ex-spouse who seems to have moved on. Each person is unique and unrepeatable; the way each experiences divorce will be just as unique.… continue reading »

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