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Masturration A DISASTROUS PRORLEM FACED RY THE YOUTH Maulana Abdullah Ismail Madrasah Arabia Islamia azaadville - south aurica COMPILER'S NOTE Unless otherwise stated, most of the subject matter contained in this booklet has been taken from an Arabic booklet entitled Mushkilahfi Tahqatis Shabab, (A Difficulty in the way of the Youth), prepared by Sheikh Salih At- Tamimy. We bear witness that none is worthy of worship except Allah Ta'ala, the One Who has no partner and Muhammed (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) is His slave and messenger.

May Allah accept it and make it a means of guidance and salvation for the whole Ummah in both the worlds. Madrassah Inaamiyyah - CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 4 THEIMPORTANCEOFYOUTH 4 THEROLEOFYOUTH 4 THEEVIL-PLANNINGOFTHEENEMIESOFALLAH 4 THERESULT 5 THE EFFECT OF THE EVIL PLANNING OF THE ENEMY 5 MASTURBATION - A FAST SPREADING, VILE ACT 5 THE RULING REGARDING MASTURBATION 5 MASTURBATION IS HARAM (UNLAWFUL] 5 PROOFS FROM THE QUR'AN 5 PROOFS FROM THE AHADITH 7 SAYING S OF OUR PIOUS PREDECESSORS WITH REGARD TO MASTURBATION 7 THE HARMS OF MASTURBATION 7 SHAR'I [RELIGIOUS] HARMS 8 PHYSCIAL HARMS 8 PSYCHOLOGICALANDSOCIALHARMS 9 A FATWA (SHAR'I RULING] ON MASTURBATION 9 THETREATMENT 9 1. THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUTH In all the phases of history youth were the secret strength of their nations, the pillars of their progress, the cause of their honour and esteem, the tools of their future and the most important asset and useful capital in their possession.

THE RESULT When the desire and passion of man is stirred-up due to various intluencing factors, it ventures to search for the correct path for satisfaction.

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SLEEPING IN THE STATE OF TAHARAH (CLEANLINESS] AND READINGTHEAPPROPRIATEDUAS 19 15. We praise Him, seek His Help and beseech Him to forgive us.Female and male actors and sport-players whom the masses have accepted in order to frame their minds in such a manner that they can be easily influenced; to give them by means of these actors and sport-players a pattern and model of life; 1.3.

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