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(I doubt they were foreign, didn't have that foreign touch to them, and spoke very good maghreb style arabic).I had one girl in a cafe (Morocco is big on cafes) approach me and hand me her phone number.My first stop was at the slightly small city of Meknes, which I think is in the greater area of Fez.From what I've noticed, game amongst the general populace isn't exactly looked down upon, especially if you give off that foreigner vibe...

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Here's where you can meet singles in Morocco, Indiana.

At least as far as infiltrating the higher classes and the nightlife. If you are down with P4P, it's okay, you will find girls looking for an extra buck or two in the bigger cities (Agadir, Marrakech, Tangier, Fez). I took the ferry from spain to Nador in Marocco some years (things might have changed) , had an awsome time travelling around here. Got some pussy attenion (specially in the smaller places, kinda off-the beaten track), even girls walking up to me asking where Im from and stuff, giving me their phone numbers. It seemed to me that they where always worried being seen togehter with me (an infidel) by brothers , family or friends of the family. A night time they usually just sat around small cafes drinking chai and smoking kif. They also told me that moroccons that have family and/or the possibility, goes to france for party,coke, and girls.

They usually hang around in the nightclubs found at hotels or major tourist destinations. French-Morrocon/Moroccon-french girls are much more easier. My friend went to Agadir , met a moroccon girl (P4p) at one of the bigger nightclubs, took her to the hotel complex, but the hotel clerck noticed them coming inn; 5 minutes later the security guy was at his door almost tearing the fucking door down, and threw the girl out.

I did not have this problem in the smaller cities, such as Meknes and Jedda, I walked in the streets holding hands with some girls.

Again, very location based, why that is, I do not know.

lol Anyway I don't recommend to lone Western girls to travel those countries without boys, the locals can be really pushy and annoying.