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These wrenches may be for their bottle capping equipment they also manufactured.

CROWN CORK AND SEAL CO - - 8.5" The founder of Crown Cork and Seal started this company in Baltimore in the 1890's to produce his patented Crown bottle caps.

Among the nearly 2000 wrenches in this auction are rare and interesting wrenches from all the different categories of antique wrenches with examples for the most advanced collectors to those just starting to collect. Unmarked carriage wrench made by the American Wrench Co. Some light dings, shaft is not connected to lower jaw. Unmarked carriage wrench made by the American Wrench Co. Joy Wagon Wrench like below but marked: SAFETY / PAT FEB 1, 98 - - 14.25".

Included in this first of two sales are rare cutout wrenches including: Zenith, Bradley's Wonder, Ames, and a very rare Deere variant with two hammer polls. 8, 85 - AUGUSTA, MAINE - - 7" with fluted wooden handle. Augusta, Maine like above - - 7" fluted wood handle screw adj. Augusta, Maine like above but 10" with a replaced wooden handle.

There are a large number of other John Deere wrenches including: a King Corn Silo and both large and small letter Dains plus examples from almost all the other farm implements manufactures, plus over Seventy buggy and wagon wrenches including a No.

1 Oliver and a Kinsman and Merrill patented combination adjustable wagon wrench with an oiler. Smith Perfect Handle wrenches and tools, many "double-enders" including Baxters, Crescents, etc., a large selection of automotive wrenches, many ratchet wrenches including a "one off" Bemis and Call monkey wrench and ratchet prototype, A nice selection of adjustable alligator wrenches including a very scarce Whitman and Barnes, and several impressive looking foreign made wrenches.

Printed catalogs and Lists of Prices Realized are available from Don 'Bus' Haury - 7913 SW 24th, Halstead, KS, 67056 - 316-283-5876 or 316-284-7345 - Email [email protected] Some hammer dings on sides of jaws and wooden handle. Unmarked Diamond Wrench - - 5.5"" wood handled screw adjust buggy or wagon wrench like above. Tight 3/8" crack on lower jaw, wooden handle chipped. * All farm type wrenches are cast malleable iron unless noted otherwise. The only markings are not readable and could be an owner's mark.

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