Mandating child

21-Sep-2017 17:19

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You can track the report any time through child protective services, who should be able to provide you with information on the status of the investigation.

Most state laws indicate that a report must be filed when there is reasonable suspicion that a child has been abused, is being abused, or is at risk of being abused.

You do not need proof or knowledge beyond a reasonable doubt that abuse is occurring.” If possible, determine what happened, where, when and by whom. Do not ask leading questions and do not try to conclude information, even if you are sure you know the answers.This can re-traumatize the child and contaminate the investigation.If you know or suspect that a child is in immediate danger, call emergency services. If you do not suspect immediate danger to the child, call 651-266-4500 as soon as you have reason to believe a child has been maltreated by a parent, guardian, family child care provider, family foster care provider, or juvenile correctional facility staff person.

Make your verbal report immediately, within 24 hours.

First, children need to know that the abuse is not their fault.