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02-Jan-2017 18:37

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Sources say that the dancing pro is always trying to kiss and hug Karina in public and it’s pretty obvious that the two have hooked up again.

The question is whether or not Maks can be trusted.

They actually broke up way back in 2009 but for a few years they were like lightening in a bottle – so much so that Maks had actually proposed to Karina.

I’m not sure if it ever seemed very likely that these two would make it down the aisle, but their engagement was on the tip of people’s tongues until she pulled the plug.

The love in the room was apparent and all the babies made us feel at ease about bringing a kid into this crazy world. I love you for always ❤️️💕 We want to also thank everyone that helped put this milestone of ours together !!

If our children are half as close as we have been through the years, they will have a large family of loyal friends to fall back on!

We cannot wait to see how the rest of this love story plays out and are anxiously awaiting more wedding details.🙏🏼 Love our eclectic fam and can't wait for #baby Chmerkovskiy to be influenced by everyone in it!#Room Full Of OGs 💪🏼 Thank you to everyone who came. And it starts with how you raise your children 👶🏻 This is an incredible adventure and I can't say it enough how lucky I am to have a partner like @petamurgatroyd to experience it with!This was my first experience and I had an amazing time!

There's nothing you can't do and @petamurgatroyd and I are truly grateful...

But Maks did not always feel so warmly toward Karina.

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