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You don't want to repeat the painful patterns or mistakes of the past. You don't mind dating to get to know someone, but you want this person to come into your life, without drama, struggle or stressful pursuit. At times, you do feel clear and expansive about relationships. So you either do nothing to meet someone, or take a half-hearted action, not really believing it will work. If you don't play by the new rules, you risk attracting more drama and more repetitive painful situations.You want someone who complements you — not completes you. In the void before physically meeting your beloved, the hardest part is Trusting. If you resist change, you risk delaying or even sabotaging the manifestation of your soulmate.To know the comfort and joy of walking with someone, hand-in-hand into a new way of living.It's about intimacy, passion and companionship, sure, but it's more than that. I created this site to more deeply explore some of the topics Moondance touches on.

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Not out of pity but because she genuinely thinks you’re funny. Yet, what I've heard time and time again, is that even for folks who “have it together”, the hardest part is The Uncertainty. The dating game is fun but the thrill of flirting and meeting lots of different women loses its appeal extremely quickly. You are used to being sure about your life: you had a plan. Especially if you've been on your own for a while, with no romantic prospects in sight. Why are secrets becoming next to impossible to keep? If you haven't met your partner yet, your soul has created a remarkable opportunity for you. But in order to attract a soulmate relationship in this post 2012 world, it's critical that you play by new rules. When you radiate Purpose, Commitment and Love, you will attract more experiences of Love around you in every form.

Why is your soulmate taking so long to come in (and what can you do about it)? You will define and deepen the meaning of your life TODAY. When you do encounter unexpected shifts, you'll be able to flow with them, instead of shutting down. Do you believe that you're doing all you can to attract your soulmate? Here's A GIFT from my heart to yours (it's a great first step).

All around you, relationships are ending, some abruptly.