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When California and Texas needed help with their wildfire issues, they brought in goats to clear dry brush.Even Brad Pitt’s famous Lower Ninth Ward housing charity, Make It Right, built a large trailer called the “Slow Mow” to transport goats around to what is charitably called “green space”: vast tracts of land where neighborhoods once stood. Still, “New Orleans needs goats,” Morgana tells as many people as her quiet demeanor allows.This might be a scenic hike in the mountains, or a camel ride into the desert, or even a fun raft trip.• Venus Adventures trips are all-inclusive, so no need to worry about money on the trip (… In fact there is nothing to worry about at all, because we take care of all the details.Nine months ago, my wife Morgana teamed up with ten of them to found Y’Herd Me Property Maintenance, a goat-powered landscaping firm with which she hopes to clear some of the overgrown spaces that have blighted New Orleans since Katrina.With more than 40,000 blighted properties measured in 2010, New Orleans is one of the top three most blighted American cities.The foliage starts again about six feet up, at a line of demarcation as eerily straight and consistent as the flood line that marked blocks and blocks of houses after Hurricane Katrina. ” was all Morgana said as we disassembled the portable fence and moved her goats to tackle a new green mess.

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Before she could equip it with separate stalls inside, we found out Morgana was pregnant again with our second daughter, and work on Y’Herd Me slowed to a crawl.

Still, she’s good at the indoor day job because she’s outwardly sweet and patient and she makes things happen. “You know we’ll never mow the lawn ourselves,” she kidded me. Let’s go see the farm, just for fun.” Suddenly, we were in rural Louisiana, watching Chauncey’s birth. ” Morgana exclaimed over Chauncey’s mama screaming. ” Indeed, between contractions, mama goat continued nibbling at the hay around her.