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An EMAS spokesman said: 'We are urging the public to keep safe and consider the consequences of taking dangerous drugs.'Users of synthetic drugs don't always know what harmful and dangerous substances they contain.The effect can be more severe if a user is taking them with other substances.'Our focus, along with other agencies, is to keep people safe and encourage them to seek the help that's available.'Speaking previously about tackling the issue of legal highs, Matt Corrigan, chief executive of Lincoln Business Improvement Group, revealed conversations had taken place with the police, but insisted a wider effort is needed to tackle the problem. One business owner, who didn't want her business to be named, revealed she had to call police after finding a man passed out from taking a substance last week.As addictive as heroin and crack, the drug costs just £5 per bag.A set of horrifying photographs of people passed out after taking spice has given a shocking insight into how the 'zombie' drug is taking over another city in Britain.

It is ever-changing and so there is no medical substitute like there is for heroin.

Once in, it's a vicious cycle.'If nothing is done now, in four or five years Lincoln's streets will be flooded with people with mental and physiological health problems.

It needs nipping in the bud.'James Wadsworth, assistant manager of The Still, said the pub is plagued by people on the substances and they often hang outside harassing customers. It is mostly them going in the telephone box and doing whatever they do.

The drug's relative cheapness has also made spice popular among the homeless and in prisons.

In Manchester, police and ambulance chiefs admitted they were struggling to cope with the number of call outs to spice users who were collapsing in the city centre daily.Business owners in the cathedral city say the addicts, who are normally young white men, pester their customers, shout abuse and beg people for change.

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