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22-Feb-2017 06:06

Relationships are extremely complicated, I know that.But all too often I see the sacrifices to self and self worth, especially in terms of respect and equal division of house work and child rearing, that many of my Greek women friends have made for the sake of keeping comfortably Greek.I know many Greek friends who have “settled” for less-than-satisfying Greek men who are full embodiments of Odysseus or Jason.Risking the label of judgmental and unfair, I do not subscribe to their idea of happiness in marriage even though they say they are, because I can see from the outside how much of themselves they had to suppress or change all to be with a Greek husband.If only Zeus and Hera could have had marriage counseling and taken a seat on a pillowy cloud of a couch in some marriage counselor’s office.Perhaps they could have been the archetypes of a mutually respectful and satisfying marriage.

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The discrepancies between the ways a Greek girl and a Greek boy are huge and their respective socially sanctioned behaviors create a conflict in relationships.

I have tried to replicate I them what I have hoped to accomplish in myself as a hyphenated American.

I never wanted to “greekness” to fade away into a barf shade of grey.

Like Latino lovers, they are two-timers or three or four or 22-timers and keep a rotating Rolodex of women in their minds.

Not to say they are much different than other men out there, and to risk coming out as stereotypical, yet stereotypes don’t come out of nowhere.

Yet I did not want to compromise my self respect or settle for a spoiled overbearing Greek which tended to be my lot with most of the Greek men I met.

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