Lds young women dating lesson

08-Jun-2017 10:27

We want to stay with them for eternity, and we should make that path as easy as possible.

When I was a young woman, my YW President taught me that the order of happiness goes like this: happily married, happily single, unhappily single, unhappily married.

What could you miss out on by being in a relationship with someone when you’re a young woman?

Lots of girls date in high school, usually by pairing up with someone as they are beginning to get to know them, and feel some connection there.

That’s not unusual, so why would the church advise to go on several planned group activities before pairing off with one boy?

Is it just because the people who wrote the advice grew up in a different era? Step One: DON’T DATE Part of the reason that we counsel you to avoid boys is that your hormones are still all changing, and they’re very powerful.

I saw that in my own life, as my parents had many unhappy years before they divorced, and that was much more difficult than my years as a single person who wanted to be married.

It didn’t feel like it when I was lonely, but it was so worth waiting to find this person who I love more than I knew was possible.

Or if a young man asks you on a date, and you would like to go, but you don’t know him very well, what’s the smart way to proceed?

They’ll be there for you to pursue when the time comes and if you want to.

Trying to escape her own misery and the deep gut wrenching pain that seeped through her very pores since her divorce, she decides one day it was time to overcome her fears and to start living again.… continue reading »

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