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Members who pay by credit card have the option of setting up an auto-renewal process.By selecting auto-renewal, the NSBA will automatically extend member benefits, without the hassle of completing a dues statement each year.Casemaker Premium is an online legal research engine similar to Lexis or Westlaw. Casemaker includes legal authorities for all fifty (50) states, plus the federal government, and has a companion mobile application. Your 2018 dues entitle you to a number of benefits and services.To ensure you are taking advantage of all that is available to you, please visit our Member Benefits page. As of 2014, some 60% of women having abortions were in their 20s; 59% had one or more children; 86% were unmarried; 75% were economically disadvantaged; and 62% reported a religious affiliation.[1] No racial or ethnic group made up a majority: Some 39% of women obtaining abortions were white, 28% were black, 25% were Hispanic and 9% were of other racial or ethnic backgrounds.[1] Contraceptive use is a key predictor of whether a woman will have an abortion.

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These numbers represent no change since 2011 in overall providers, and no change in clinics from 2011, when there were 5 abortion providers overall, of which 3 were clinics.[7] •In 2014, 90% of U. Each program shall report to the Department of Health and Human Services by November 1 of each year the status of immunization for children enrolled as of September 30 of that year, and children who have reached kindergarten age and who are enrolled in public or private school need not be included in the report. (1) Except as provided in sections 79-221 and 79-222, the school board or board of education of each school district and the governing authority of each private, denominational, or parochial school in this state shall require each student to be protected against measles, mumps, rubella, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus by immunization prior to enrollment. Child; physical examination; visual evaluation; immunization; right of refusal At the time the parent or guardian of any child is notified that such child must have a physical examination and a visual evaluation pursuant to section 79-214 or immunizations pursuant to section 79-217, the parent or guardian shall also be notified in writing of (1) his or her right to submit a written statement refusing a physical examination, a visual examination or immunization for his or her child and (2) a telephone number or other contact information to assist the parent or guardian in receiving information regarding free or reduced-cost visual evaluations for low-income families who qualify. Furthermore, any previability abortion restriction cannot create an “undue burden” on a woman seeking an abortion. women of reproductive age (15–44) had six million pregnancies.

This “undue burden” standard was established in Planned Parenthood v. abortion landscape has grown increasingly restrictive as more states become hostile to abortion rights. Sixty-seven percent of these pregnancies resulted in live births and 18% in abortions; the remaining 15% ended in miscarriage.[6] •Approximately 926,200 abortions occurred in the United States in 2014.

Any student who does not comply with this section shall not be permitted to continue in school until he or she so complies, except as provided by section 79-222.

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