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24-Jan-2017 18:26

Justin reached out and texted Kiersta while she was at a family holiday, she knew right then she wouldn't let their busy schedules get in the way again.

Soon learning he had just accepted a job that landed him home full time!

Get ready to raise your glass for a brotherly toast.

Justin & Justin met a few years ago when 'Turner' was looking for a home and not only found a great realtor in 'Sheeran' but an exceptional friend.

The Sheeran household if filled with so much love, what better man to stand next to 'Turner' on such an important day?

Justin recently met Michael and knew he was someone who would have an impact on his life.

They were completely inseparable growing up, always dressing like twins, playing barbie, and when the age came- chasing boys.

Every big moment in Kiersta's life happy or sad she picks up and calls Shesten.

They talked all night, and after realizing all of their friends had since left, Justin asked for Kiersta's number and they went on their first date a few nights later.

Busy schedules and the fact that they lived in different states made dating difficult in the beginning, even losing touch for a short time.

'Sheeran' is someone who 'Turner' has been able to go to for advice, a workout partner, and an amazing role model.

'Sheeran' was the one who introduced 'Turner' to faith, and for that he is forever thankful.They are such an incredible family that is filled with so much Love.

Meanwhile, Mary tells Brenda that she cannot go skating with Calvin because she lied.… continue reading »

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