Kinit kdc cant fulfill requested option while validating credentials

15-Oct-2016 01:18

1.1 Authentication Before gaining access to a system all clients should identify themselves to Mongo DB.

This ensures that no client can access the data stored in Mongo DB without being explicitly allowed.

Mongo DB supports a number of authentication mechanisms (page 6) that clients can use to verify their identity.

Mongo DB supports two mechanisms: a password-based challenge and response protocol and x.509 certificates.

Application Level Encryption provides encryption on a per-field or per-document basis within the application layer.

To encrypt document or field level data, write custom encryption and decryption routines or use a commercial solution such as the Vormetric Data Security Platform 2.

Authentication Tutorials (page 39) These tutorials describe procedures relevant for the configuration, operation, and maintenance of Mongo DB s access control system.

Mongo DB s role-based access control system allows administrators to control all access and ensure that all granted access applies as narrowly as possible. When you enable authorization (page 14), Mongo DB will require authentication for all connections.

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