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Carl is often there to back Steve up, and help him out in times of distress.

Although he continues to be exasperated and irritated by his antics, over the progression of the show's run, Carl develops a fondness for Steve that surprises even himself.

In the 1996–1997 season, Orlando Brown was added to the cast as Jerry Jamal "3J" Jameson, a troubled youth being mentored by Steve who becomes the foster child of the Winslows.

The series featured 12 main characters with their actors appearing during the opening credits. Carlton "Carl" Otis Winslow, who originally appeared in the Perfect Strangers episode "Crimebusters" alongside his wife Harriette, is the son of Estelle Winslow and the late Samuel, brother-in-law of Rachel Crawford, and the biological father of Eddie, Laura, and Judy Winslow, uncle of Richie Crawford and adoptive father of "3J" Jameson.

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Williams was accused of helping former councilman DC Harry Thomas Jr.Carl, Eddie, and Laura are constantly annoyed and picked on by their pesky neighbor, Steve Urkel, who has a very high level of respect for Carl, Eddie and Laura, and affectionately calls Carl "Big Guy".