Keep dating wrong guys

26-Oct-2017 17:58

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You have no idea what it's like to be with a manipulative liar, you start emotionally bleeding out.

You feel like you have been cut over and over again in the same place, but only deeper each time. Depression slowly starts to gauge the little pieces of your soul.

You will feel void, because your mind and soul are not yet ready to invest further emotion in a relationship, just to see it end.

All emotions feel alienated at the end of such a relationship. Some part of the abuse never leaves your side; you gradually just learn to live with all of it.

You feel heavy as if someone just put the world on your shoulders.

You get thrown over by guilt and anger, all the wounds you healed through months of effort seem to have been ripped open all over again, but this time, it hurts a bit less, and they heal a bit faster. I see no point in dating again, when your soul is too weak to carry on, the only thing you would do is hurt the person you date, and somehow pushing yourself further down the dark alley of melancholy.

Even though you want to have nothing to do with them, you grasp onto the hope that they might change for good.

After all, you gave all you had to a relationship that fell apart like biscuit crumbs.

Boy, was he a beautiful liar; I haven’t seen anyone look so good while lying to my face.

You push your fears aside, little by little every day, and you finally learn to lift your head up.

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