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It's gone through various ports and we're just one element in that supply chain.

What we target is to make sure that our portion or our role in that supply chain is as efficient as possible so that the goods keep moving and get to the market as quickly as possible and it's very, very important to the economy that people can rely on these goods moving quickly.” 6.10am: Cars come across now on huge trucks – Toyota cars, second hand. Shamrock Logistics, Freight Forwarding, M&S, Noone Transport, Slane, Co Meath and T Cullen Transport all trundle by. The ramp operator is adjusting the position of the ramp relative to the ship.

6.03am: The trucks start to roll from the ship, across both bridges, one above the other.

We are at the lower bridge, wide enough for four lanes of traffic.

I am with Seamus Mc Loughlin, the Dublin Port Authority's head of operations, and Brenda Daly, the marketing/public relations manager.

No rain, shining sun, but a cold north-east whipping wind. The huge Stenna Adventurer is just passing by on the way to its berthing just down from us, bang on time.

There are plenty of refrigerated units on these trucks.

Seamus Mc Loughlin says: “They've a small fridge on the front so you'll find in those a lot of perishable goods, you know, foodstuffs and this kind of stuff.

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The Ascot races are on this week, which could have something to do with the abundance of horses.

Every morning at 6am, two of the largest sea ferries in the world disgorge, onto Dublin Port, thousands of tons of imports, for sale a few hours later on supermarket shelves throughout Ireland.

Within two hours these same ferries leave with thousands more tonnes of exports.

“You get all the consumer goods coming in here and it ranges from cornflakes to television sets, tyres, motorbikes, all the consumer goods we need.

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The lorries and trucks come from all over Europe and if that stops, our economy grinds to a halt.”6.05am: The trucks keep rolling across both bridges: Meath Street; Kilcullen; Co Kildare; Norfolk Line; Refrigerated Transport; Nolan Transport.com, Wexford; Monaghan Refrigerated Transport.

Seven cars sit on the first truck coming through and yet another truck roles by with lots of cars, again, second hand. As the ship goes up and down with the tide the ramp has to be changed as well to maintain the relative position of the roadway on the ramp.

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