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This book is only for the guys into Super 8, movie porn, not anyone who cares about what they read. When he meets Bunny La Fever, a busty bombshell with an equally insatiable appetite for sex, but unfortunately married to the owner of the carnival, Everhard's previously quite monotone existence is turned upside-down. However, the insane amount of sex is also somewhat of an annoyance.

Before he knows it he finds himself in a big mess where some of the ingredients are criminal bikers, nymphomaniacs, methamphetamine, and sleazy motels. Kwiatek is a very talented author indeed, especially when it comes to creating clever and often humorous metaphors.

If you want a book that will literally arouse you and won't ask for much thought then I suppose this may be a good choice. Actually, as long as you're not too much of a prude, you'll probably find this book's incessant sex and violence kind of funny, and definately entertaining. Of the 282 pages that are Tattoo of a Naked Lady (the 283rd page is an About the Author page), very few do NOT contain some sort of sex.

If Everhard is a real person (and I don't much care if he is or not) then his story is as fictitious as the day is long.Ample research shows that men are sensitive to a range of physical cues in women, such as a low waist-to-hip ratio, larger breasts, effective cosmetics use, revealing clothing, and wearing the color red (which signals sexual receptivity).But according to psychologist Nicolas Guéguen of the Université de Bretagne-Sud, the research also highlights another sensitivity: Men tend to women's sexual intentions.A NYPD spokesman confirmed cops responded to a call about the body at that time, but couldn’t confirm the man’s claims that the body was brutalized.

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The Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death.

The woman’s identity was not immediately known, police said.