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30-Nov-2017 21:47

The Audubon couple signed up to be members immediately after meeting Pierre at a Sustainable Cherry Hill event in January 2015 - weeks before she would plant her first seedlings. and, boy, did that add some pizzazz to a salad," Peter says. Her biggest challenge is financial - rather than agricultural - sustainability. Melons - labor-intensive, space-devouring, and not particularly abundant - will be dropped to make way for a greater assortment of mixed greens."Julie's CSA program is as cutting-edge as any I've seen," says Peter, 68, a semiretired computer programmer. "In a few years, if I can't make it work as a way to make a living, I'll have to start questioning what I'm doing," Pierre says.

The movie finds Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks) trying to make good on a 20-year promise to his children to turn Mary Poppins into a feature film, flying the famously sour English author P. Travers (Emma Thompson) to Los Angeles to convince her to sign over the rights to her beloved tale.

"But he covered it so wonderfully because he had a wonderful body that was so limber and he had such joie de vivre.""If you want to nitpick something, no, his cockney was not that good," says Sherman. He was so wonderful in every other way.""Doesn't seem to have harmed the film that much, 50 years later," says Andrews with a wink.

Sherman lights up at a favorite memory of he and his brother scheming to plop their Oscars on Disney's desk as a thank you the morning after they won for Mary Poppins' score and the song Chim Chim Cher-ee."And there he is behind his desk reading a script, just the day after the Oscars. He (finally) said, 'OK so you hit one out of the park.

)."I'm the lucky lady that was asked to do this wonderful movie," says Andrews.

"It's one of those breaks in life, one of those breaks in your career.

She distributes her produce among 45 Our Yards Farm shareholders over the course of 20 weeks. It's a labor of love," says Pierre, who runs the for-profit company from her parents' home.