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From there, terraforming and colonising efforts build a network of habitable planets.Eventually this leads to the discovery of a planet named Illal, which is deemed too risky and expensive to terraform.These product lines become immensely profitable, and Illal becomes a highly sought-after source of rare resources and industrial machinery.Terraforming operations accelerate and Illal quickly becomes a near-habitable planet.Hawken is a free-to-play, mech- and team-based shooter launching on PS4 on 8th July 2016.Underlying our shooter is a surprisingly enormous and well-developed universe.

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Hi guys, It's been great watcing all of you creating those incredible mechs for our HAWKEN Challenge, thanks for your participation and a big thank you to the HAWKEN team for their support! Myself, John Park and Darren Quach had a tough time picking the winners.This is the epicenter of the self-replicating nano-virus informally known as the “Hawken virus” in honour of its first victim, the renowned scientist James Hawken. It converts organic material into a fast-growing metallic crust that ultimately covers a vast portion of Illal’s surface.Whole cities and regions are overrun, and the death toll is massive.So much so that there has been a hardback 100 page graphic novel, a five-issue comic series, and a Brand Bible that covers a several-hundred-year timeline.

When I first started on the Hawken project a little over a year ago, I wasn’t aware of this depth, and it’s been very satisfying to see that so much thought and effort went into the mythology behind the game. In the Hawken mythos, approximately 60 years from now humanity has pioneered hyperdrive technology allowing for deep space exploration.

With cavorite deposits limited to known meteorite impact craters, research into a potential synthetic replacement becomes a focus for the Crion corporation.