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With data collected during just a 3-hour period (equal to about two orbits of Earth) her technique could estimate where the cloud of junk would be as much as two weeks later.

Amber’s technique could help researchers better schedule rocket launches.

Finally, he added a plastic coating to help protect the balsa wood from damage.

His model had a wingspan of about 1.23 meters (4 feet).

Nearly 1,800 were in town to take part in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

The top winner, 18-year-old Ivo Zell, received ,000 for his design of a small “flying wing” drone. Two other winners each took home huge awards as well.

“The trade-off of slightly more drag but increased stability would be worth it,” he argues. He also will continue to build and fly small drones.

Upon being named the event’s top winner, he modestly expressed his surprise and gratitude: “It feels awesome.”Amber Yang, 18, came up with a way to predict the orbits of space junk circling Earth.

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In other words, far more of the lift would be generated nearer the aircraft’s body. So Ivo decided to build his own version of the design to see if it would actually fly.

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A “flying wing” based on Ivo’s design might experience a bit more drag than one with the normal distribution of lift.

But, the teen reports, his design is a lot more stable in flight.

(That’s a facility where engineers perform all sorts of tests on scale models of vehicles.) But he has flown the model using the same simple radio controls that guide many other types of model aircraft.

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