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They were squeezed so close to her sternum, they looked like a single unit, not twin Tetons.

To duplicate the effect, you'd have to glue a cleft soccer ball to the center of your chest." Philly Future: "Up until now we have displayed banner advertisements for other weblogs as a favor to the Edit This Page community.

The down side is that of all those hits, only one person wrote me an email. Want to know how you can integrate a 1.5 million site web directory into your Manila site for free?

A little-known shortcuts-related feature on Weblogs. "The last time we had a choce, imho, was Nixon vs Mc Govern in 1972. "Thanks to new easy-to-use software, the number of weblogs on the Net seems to be growing at an unprecedented rate." Weblogs that point to the Wired article on Weblogs. post I said: "I want to have a Saturday afternoon meeting with the Edit This Page, Manila and Frontier people in the Bay Area." Some people interpreted that to mean this Saturday. The status of the meeting: Dan Mitchell at De Anza says we can do it there. In the meantime I may have to go to Australia in late March, so we'd better do it in the first half of March. I never thought we could possibly pull it off in just a few days. Consumers, and the free enterprise system, will be the ultimate losers in this foolish game." This morning I took an auto trip at sunrise and captured pictures of Silicon Valley, waking up. Best wishes for friendly respectful competition, that's not what this is about. It may take a while, he said, but "all they can do is lose. Theyre on the downside of the slope, baby." NY Times reviews "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire". Well, it made it into the Manila Express™ user interface. Suck: "Everybody I talk to has a hard time not laughing. The creek is up, but it's not at it's high point, I'd say it's been four or five feet higher in the last 24 hours. (The Apple III was a troubled platform from Day One, with hardware problems and a largely incompatible OS, I'm sure Dan Bricklin could tell you stories about Visi Calc on the III.) The IIc and the GS came after the Mac, which most developers switched to, including me.

No, I didn't read the articles." 2/4/98: "I believe we have the most to learn from the people we want to listen to the least." What is Donkeymon?

"Wow, I just noticed that I got linked to on The Scripting News somehow, and that is why I have been getting so many hits all of a sudden.

Reuters: Woman Files Patent Application on Herself. The Web belongs to everyone and no one, not just Amazon." Rick Segal on Amazon: "Man the folks at my former employer must be loving this. Amazon takes the lead in the sore winner derby, film at 11. We're friendly up here in Canada and whereas the border is quite porous (both ways) to drugs and criminals and pollution, it's a remarkably effective firewall against some aspects of legal silliness.

I'd like to work with two or three designers on new interfaces for Weblogs. Andrew Wooldridge takes us on a tour of Netscape with his digital camera. Andrea's Weblog: "From then on, it took me six weeks to ponder the question whether I wanted a boyfriend who lived some 400 km away and whom I would only be able to see on weekends and during our vacation. A new page counts page reads only, starting on 2/28/00. The stats are compiled once a night at midnight Pacific. People yakkety yak a streak and waste your time of day. Tim O'Reilly: "A patent on something like '1-Click ordering' is a slap in the face of Tim Berners-Lee and all of the other pioneers who created the opportunity that Amazon has done such a good job of exploiting. Edward Luttwak, who I met at Davos, operates an Amazon company, in the real Amazon.

A rambling piece on competing, Blogger, Sidekick, Bill Gates, Blog This, brilliance, Amazon, patents, why software markets die, and why Internet users are not powerless because Amazon still has competitors they can buy from. Amazon is quite deeply rooted on the Web, without help from a patent. Question asked of Al Gore: "Are there people on death row elsewhere, or federal death row, who are innocent? "Betty Lou Beets, convicted of murdering her husband in 1983, was put to death by lethal injection just after 6 p.m. "The guiding principle behind SOAP is to 'first invent no new technology.' SOAP uses two existing and widely deployed protocols: HTTP and XML." 2/18/95: "Every writer can participate in the web.

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