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24-Sep-2016 04:37

It’s all a part of life, which isn’t always fun and smooth-sailing.

With another legal act they expanded the powers of the justice minister, already merged by Pi S with the office of Prosecutor General, giving him direct control over courts’ finances.

With enough time and effort, seemingly obvious and undeniably positive historical events can be turned into a murky mix of reinterpretations, prompting new generations to question the monumental accomplishments of their forefathers.

That’s why stating that Poles were celebrating their first semi-free elections is only semi-true.

This clear division, the crack in the nation, is easier noticeable on occasions like this one.

While there are no official celebrations or commemoration of any kind organised by the government, the democratic opposition from left to right urges for this date not to be forgotten.The Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD), Poland’s grassroots civic movement formed by anti-communist oppositionists, which encouraged nearly a quarter of a million people to join a pro-European march in Warsaw last year, published their own statement.