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This results in a nasty turn of events when Aiden forms a bond with a neighborhood child named Bernie, who reminds him of Isaac, and the boy accidentally found Rebecca's DVD with Aidan branded a sex offender and unable to save Bernie after he was mortally wounded.

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Expecting that Josh would attempt to fight for him, Aidan has Sally trap Josh in the hospital basement while he decapitates Bishop in their fight to the death.After taking revenge on the clergyman, Aidan became Bishop's right hand and aided him until the 1950s when he no longer believes in Bishop's conviction to the vampire cause and decides to resist the urge to feed upon humans.While in Montreal in the 1970s, Aiden meets Celine and had a relationship with her.When Aidan discovers that Bishop has begun recruiting new vampires from dying hospital patients against his wishes, he confronts the hospital chaplain who has been turned into a vampire by Bishop while he was dying of a terminal cancer.

Aidan manages to de-fang the chaplain, rendering him unable to feed on blood any more.In the time before the beginning of the series, originally out of pity, Aidan saves Josh from being tormented by Marcus and before the two became good friends with Aidan getting Josh a job as an orderly at Boston's Suffolk County Hospital, where Aidan has been working as a nurse.

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