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Known as ' An Seisear' (The Six), five stones from 1.8 metres to 3 metres high are standing, while a sixth is prostrate.~ A short distance NW and close to Bweeng in Glandine (W 482 889) is a pair of stones sited in a field beside a deep valley overlooked by the strange ' Monkeys Bridge'.

The taller, pointed stone is 3.3 metres and the smaller, more rounded one is 2 metres high.~ 2.9 km NE in Bweeng (W 508 890) is a wedge-tomb whose N side is in excellent condition, probably because of buttress stones.

The axial stone is, unusually, set with its long axis vertical.9.6 km SE of Bantry and l.6 km SSW of Ballybane House, immediately to W of a by-road on a sharp bend, a large area of horizontal rock surface (not pitted like most of the surrounding surfaces) is decorated with circles and ovals up to 60 cm in diameter, at least one cup-mark and several long straight lines, some of which are parallel. This site, 13.6 km WNW of Macroom, beside a by-road leading S from the N 22 road between Ballyvourney and Ballymakeery, may be of extreme antiquity.

' St Gobnait's House' or ' St Gobnait's Kitchen' is a circular hut (partly restored) with an internal diameter of 6 metres.

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It is a fine cross-pillar some 90 cm above ground, bearing on each face a ~ 2.4 km NNW of Ballyvourney, E.

Ballyvourney is the scene of a 'pattern' still performed, and St Gobnait, a virgin whose emblem is the fertility symbol of the bee, is credited with the cure of the sick.