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26-Jan-2017 18:08

Police told us that Elise hanged herself up in the jungle.I cannot accept why my daughter should have killed herself.'She was normal in the last conversation and no signs of depression were visible.'I don't know why she would have booked a transfer to Bangkok and then went into the jungle to commit suicide.'I am devastated by events. We just want more information.'My daughter had been travelling for two and a half years in India, Australia and New Zealand and always back again to Thailand.'She lived there for months with Guru Raaman Andreas from Germany and two female friends.' The death on Koh Tao is the latest in a number of cases involving foreigners.In March Russian tourist Valentina Novozhyonova, 23, vanished from her hostel on Koh Tao and has still not been found.Bricklayer Luke Miller from the Isle of Wight was found dead in a swimming pool on January 8 2016 and an inquest earlier this month found 'no evidence' he was murdered.

But her parents slammed Thai police for failing to properly investigate the death.Police told Elise's mother Michele that her daughter had committed suicide by hanging herself from a tree around three days before she was found.